Scope of Work   

CITE will be responsible for the following tasks in collaboration with Professor Diana Laurillard, London Institute of Education and ASTRI:

  1. Take responsibility for liaising with teachers in 3 to 4 interested schools that are participating in the EDB eLearning Pilot project to identify pedagogical design patterns and to implement appropriate teaching and learning sequences on the iLAP1. The subjects to be covered in the implementation trials will include the four major school subjects Chinese, English, Mathematics and General Studies.
  2. Take responsibility for creating the teaching and learning sequences on the iLAP as necessary for implementing the teachers’ designs.
  3. Coordinate research data collection and analyses, and draft the reports to achieve the project goals.
1iLAP is a learning management system developed in CITE. This platform will be used to support the implementation of the elearning activities according to the pedagogical designs identified. This may entail necessary extension/modification of iLAP, in particular for implementing the data collection and analyses.
Last modified on 02 Apr 2013